At Vulcan, we use the most up to date and highly advanced Chimney inspection cameras with a 360° rotation and tilt, to get a clear, full coloured view of every little detail within the flue way. In doing this, we can accurately diagnose, quickly and efficiently, any internal flue fault which would make your chimney unsafe to use, with minimal disruption to you and your property.

Following this, we can then provide you with a full detailed report of our findings along with a DVD of the internal survey. With this vital information to hand, we can advise you on the next steps along with a quotation for the necessary works to make your chimney safe.

No guess work & no unexpected costs!

Some examples of why you may need a CCTV survey:

  • Identify structural faults/ weaknesses within the flue way.
  • Locating blockages caused by birds nest, loose masonry or even construction errors.
  • Integrity checks after Chimney fires.
  • Safety checks on redundant flues before being brought back into use.
  • Identifying deadly smoke leakages where Carbon monoxide is allowed to leak into your property.
  • Landlords before renting out properties.
  • Integrity checks on existing linings.

Don’t leave it to chance, book your CCTV survey today!


CCTV Chimney and Ducting Survey Case Studies