Vulcan Home are approved installers of the Furanflex25 advanced chimney lining system with a 25 year insurance backed guarantee that covers both the cost of the liner and installation. We offer Furanflex25 advanced chimney lining in London, Kent and Sussex.

Successfully installed in 28 European countries over the last 12 years, with over 3,000,000 metres installed, BSRIA tested, BBA approved and HETAS listed, Furanflex25 is ideal for lining chimneys, flues and ducts in domestic and commercial properties. Molding to the internal dimensions of the chimney and curing at 3mm thick with a smooth internal surface, Furanflex25 improves the efficiency of the chimney, duct or pipe. Furanflex25
chimney lining also maximises the available flue size ensuring your design opportunities are not restricted.

Chimneys are rarely straight and Furanflex25 can be inserted into long, crooked chimneys that conventional stainless steel lining systems cannot. All liners are produced to the exact requirements of your flue, and as there are no joints in the Furanflex25 liner, it is rarely necessary to break holes in the chimney enabling an unintrusive, hassle free lining solution. Furanflex25 is available from 80mm to 1250mm in diameter with lengths of up to 80 meters.

Heat resistant to over 400°C, Furanflex25 Black is ideal for condensing and high efficiency gas and oil boilers and FuranFlex25 RWV is soot fire rated to 1000°C. Both products are glass fibre reinforced thermosetting resin liners that, when cured, are stronger than steel, but offer much better corrosion resistance and insulation values than stainless steel lining systems.

3 step installation guide

– Furanflex25 flat tubing is inserted into the chimney
– Furanflex25 tube is sealed at both ends. A steam generator fills the tube, which then follows the chimneys exact path.
– After a short period the now rigid Furanflex25 tube is trimmed at both ends and the internal thermoplastic is removed

The benefits of Furanflex25:

– Furanflex25 Black and RWV is fully guaranteed for 25 years
– Follows the exact patch of individual chimneys and copes with changes in diameter
– Corrosion resistant
– Thin wall and smooth surface maximises flue draft
– Maintains flue size and minimises need for fan assistance
– Quick clean installation
– Peace of mind operation
– Certified to all the latest industry standards

All of the team at Vulcan home are certified factory trained installers of the Furanflex25 lining systems.

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Images of a flue before and after Furanflex25 advanced chimney lining system installation:

Flue pre furanflex resized Flue with Furanflex resized

Furanflex25 Advanced Chimney and Duct Lining System Case Studies